Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rug History

In late 2005, not long before High School graduation, I was looking for a job. My brother found me a position at an oriental rug store called Classic Oriental Rugs in Portage, Michigan, holding a sign on the street corner. My experience with rugs began here. Since then, I've moved to Louisville, Kentucky, and continued this line of work at Anabel's Oriental Rugs, and soon after, advanced to Khazai Oriental Rug Gallery. It was while working for Khazai when my career shifted directly into the software development industry, but considering the nature of the company, I still managed to continue both careers at the same time.

Classic Oriental Rugs

Anabel's Oriental Rugs

Khazai Oriental Rug Gallery

RM Innovation Clients

Experience in Oriental Rugs

Inventory Management

Controlling inventory flow from 2005 to present

Rug Cleaning

Involved in all processes of cleaning Oriental Rugs

Rug Repair

Involved in many aspects of repairing Oriental Rugs

Rug Sales

Closed and managed sales of Oriental Rugs


Taken care of many accounting related tasks

Manual Labor

Worked with heavy lifting, hanging, and display of Oriental Rugs

Rug Knowledge

Programming Skills

Native Windows Development


Encapsulation / Reusability


Custom Components


User Interface




API Integration


Web Development




Programming History

Technology has always fascinated me since I was a child - always tinkering with gadgets, taking things apart, and coming up with my own creations. Around 1998, at 12 years old, I began my programming experience by teaching myself basic HTML code, as well as Q-Basic, an antique DOS based programming language.
During my High School years, I built up my keyboarding skills, allowing me to type at incredible speeds. My record speed, without mistakes, is 109 words per minute. I further went into an introduction to programming class, where I took a leap forward learning Visual Basic 6. This is essentially where my professional coding experience began. I also took an introduction to Information Technology class, learning the basics about computers and networking in general. I graduated in 2006 with a High School Diploma.
After High School graduation, I put my programming experience on the side in favor to begin work in the Oriental Rug industry. Starting by simply holding a sign on the street corner for a rug store, my interest was sparked by the complexity of handmade rugs, and started to learn more about them. Soon after, I moved from Portage, Michigan down to Louisville, Kentucky, and continued my work with Oriental Rugs. This is when I came across a cross-over business, RM Innovation, where I was able to apply my recent experience of Oriental Rugs and combine it with my history of programming. I've been working at RM Innovation from 2007 to present.
In my free time, I dive even deeper in the software development world. I take on challenging projects, thus building my experience to new levels. The fact that I'm writing this portfolio website at this moment demonstrates my pursuit of knowledge. I seek a wide range of work - whether it be an API Wrapper, Website, Windows Service Application, Custom Control, or complete infrastructure, I spread my work across the full software development stack.