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Computer Knowledge

I cannot call myself any sort of computer guru or expert. I can however say that I have spent nearly my entire life working in the PC world, and favoring Windows over any other operating system. From Windows '95 to Windows 10, I've been a Windows guy since I was old enough to judge the difference.

That doesn't mean I haven't explored the rest of the computer industry though. I have spent plenty of my unfortunate time using Apple computers, which is a requirement in certain fields of mine. I've also used all three flavors of smart phones: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and have even written some apps for each.


In my time at RM Innovation, I've built upon my useful knowledge in computer networking. This includes many different fields, such as firewalls, building wiring and switches, DNS, DHCP, NAT, Active Directory, and much more. I was originally in charge of the entire network at RM Innovation for years before the task was taken off my back for a dedicated IT professional, so that I may focus on other work.

Custom Computer Build

Just recently, I needed a new computer. But I didn't want to just replace it with another store-bought machine which would take a crap within 3 years. No, I needed a beast of a machine to accomplish much more. So what do I do? Built my own PC of course! I invested over $1,100 into building my own custom computer to serve all my needs. Typically, the type of build I chose would be ideal for gamers. But I'm not a gamer, so I benefit from the power of this build in different ways.

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IT and Networking Skills

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IT and Networking History

I collected all kinds of computer junk when I was a kid. Regardless of whether I knew what it was or how it worked, I would still keep boxes of computer parts stocked in my closet, and often scattered across my workstation. To be quite honest, the first computer I became familiar with was Macintosh, shortly before iMac came around. But I grew tired of the limitation of customization, and found myself indulging in the PC world soon after. At first, I was using DOS - both console and UI. But as soon as I was able, I wouldn't let go of Windows if my life depended on it.
During my High School years, I built up my keyboarding skills, allowing me to type at incredible speeds. My record speed, without mistakes, is 109 words per minute. I also took an introduction to Information Technology class, learning the basics about computers and networking in general. Although half of the class covered things I was already familiar with, I still learned a great deal more about how computers work. I graduated in 2006 with a High School Diploma.
Since I've been working at RM Innovation, my IT knowledge has exploded. The first task I accomplished at the job was rebuilding the server rack, which was previously a nightmare in the back closet. The rack wasn't even being used as a rack: nothing was even mounted to it. The dinosaur IBM server which controlled the network was actually sitting on the floor in front of the rack, resting on carpeting which was sure to build up dangerous static electricity. Throughout many years on the job, I have been involved in all aspects of the network infrastructure, from network wiring throughout the building to managing the DNS name servers.
Similar to the work I do at RM Innovation, I practice a great deal of computer and network infrastructure in my own free time. This very website is an example of the work I do outside of my professional career. While I cannot consider myself a computer expert, I do feel comfortable claiming that I am well above the average level of computer users. Keeping my computer(s) secure is one of the simple things which unfortunately most people neglect. My antivirus grows tired of not having anything to block, because I'm extremely careful not to download anything malicious in the first place.