JD Docs

Create enhanced documents for numerous purposes

Originally built to convert Markdown to HTML, this software provides you the power to not only author large documents, but organize and manipulate your content in a tree to be as flexible as you need. The ability to dynamically embed documents together makes it perfectly ideal for projects such as help files, guides, website content, text books, novels, or just plain old everyday notes.

NOTE: This project is in active development, and is not in 100% working condition yet. It is however working for the most part, and just lacking some various things which I have yet to implement.

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  • Create large, complex content-based projects for different purposes.
  • Write in 100% pure markdown, or include raw HTML.
  • Tabular interface to work on multiple topics at once.
  • Topic tree to organize documents in a hierarchy of relevance.
  • Styles to customize the interface to your liking.
  • Syntax Highlighter for Markdown and HTML.
  • Set / Go To Bookmarks inside large files.
  • Embedded Chrome-based web browser lets you preview your work.
  • Embed Topics Inside Other Topics for Automatic Compilation.
  • Pre-Compiler for Defining Conditionals and Using Ifdef Statements.
  • Automatic Update Checks with Version Details.

Coming Soon

  • Define Default Template for Output Styling
  • Choose from Multiple Pre-made Templates
  • Export to HTML Help, Word, PDF, HTML, and More Output Formats.
  • Assigning Roles, Tags, and Prerequisites to Topics.
  • Automatic Table of Contents based on topic tree and document headings.
  • Fully Featured Compiler with API