Cayan Components for Delphi

The Power of Genius in Delphi.

Now you can easily add secure modern payments your Delphi application by integrating Cayan's Genius and MerchantWare4 API's with friendly components. It provides support for payment collection, line item display, signature capture, agreement text, customer input, and all other types of interaction with a Genius device.

Please visit GitHub for more details and to get started using this library.

  Payment Processing

The Genius solution is intended to integrate modern payment methods, including chip cards and phones.

  Line Item Display

The payment terminal displays line items as they're being entered, showing what's being purchased.

  Signature Capture

Each touch-screen device can capture a vector-format signature, scalable to any needs.

  PCI Compliant

Cayan makes use of EMV chip cards and secure web transport, so transactions are secure.

  Handheld Devices

Cayan has released a new wireless device which works seamlessly as a Genius payment terminal.


The Genius library uses worker threads, since certain tasks require waiting, so your application is responsive.

  Hosted on GitHub

Submit your own work on the library by collaborating on GitHub.