Jerry Dodge's Portfolio

What do I do?

I'm a Jack of all trades. Whatever it is which needs to be done, I can adapt and take on the challenge. Most of that goes towards software development, but I am more than familiar with a number of other fields. From programming to electronics to music production and woodworking - I have a variety of skills which are suitable for many jobs.

General Skills

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My History

Technology has always fascinated me since I was a child - always tinkering with gadgets, taking things apart, and coming up with my own creations. Around 1998, at 12 years old, I began my programming experience by teaching myself basic HTML code, as well as Q-Basic, an antique DOS based programming language. I also enjoyed just simply taking things apart and putting them back together. It was a very satisfying experience for my age. To figure out how things work.
During my High School years, I built up my keyboarding skills, allowing me to type at incredible speeds. My record speed, without mistakes, is 109 words per minute. I further went into an introduction to programming class, where I took a leap forward learning Visual Basic 6. This is essentially where my professional coding experience began. I also took an introduction to Information Technology class, learning the basics about computers and networking in general. I had other classes in my interest, including woodworking, automotive, and jewelry. I graduated in 2006 with a High School Diploma.
After High School graduation, I put my programming experience on the side in favor to begin work in the Oriental Rug industry. Starting by simply holding a sign on the street corner for a rug store, my interest was sparked by the complexity of handmade rugs, and started to learn more about them. Soon after, I moved from Portage, Michigan down to Louisville, Kentucky, and continued my work with Oriental Rugs. This is when I came across a cross-over business, RM Innovation, where I was able to apply my recent experience of Oriental Rugs and combine it with my history of programming.
I do a lot of little projects on my own time. Typically writing various software or tinkering with electronics. For example, I've recently repaired a Dell PowerEdge server by replacing a couple capacitors. Or written a software package for markdown document writing. I'm even into things like woodworking, mechanics, jewelry, and much more hands-on stuff.
My future is currently up in the air. I'd like to become an established software engineer and make that my career. However I'm open to anything, so long as I can use my creativity.